Saturday, December 13, 2014

Teddy Bear Tea

 Allison and I went to a 'Teddy Bear Tea' this afternoon at a beautiful old restored school house nearby.  We both really enjoyed it, although we were disappointed our friends, Jen & Emily couldn't join us as they had something come up with extended family.  At the same time, it was kind of fun to do something special just the two of us!  We had the option of buying bears to be waiting in the kids' seats but I wasn't so impressed with the bears and we have quite the bear collection already thanks to Miss Jodi.  So we brought one from home (seriously - we have a bear to perfectly coordinate with any of her several Christmas dresses (we also have several of those thanks to Miss Jodi!)).  

 The tea included a reading of a story by a local author - who then gave all of the kids signed copies of his book!  As well as some singing, more stores read by 'Twinkle' the Elf and a visit with a full size teddy bear.  Allison loved it all, especially the yummy treats at the end.

Heidi - All Wrapped Up

 We were wrapping a few presents today and the Heidi-bug was very excited to 'help.'  Eventually we just wrapped her up with some of the spare paper.  She loved it.  Kept bursting out of it with the most infectious giggle!  Love this kid!

Finished in 2014 No. 8

 This quilt was over a year in the making - at least the planning began a little over a year ago when this fabric line was announced.  The designer is one of my favorite children's artists and then it featured horses.  I knew right away I needed to make Bekah a quilt with it.  And the deal was sealed with the little girl featured in the panel that looks just like her (although shorter hair!).  I pre-ordered the fabric in January and then it sat around until this summer.  The blocks aren't all that complicated but all that sashing made this quilt quite the effort to assemble.  And it was waaaay to big for me to quilt myself so it was shipped off to Alaska where my Mom did the quilting on a rented long-arm machine.  I finished the binding over Thanksgiving and finally managed to take pictures today (it was heavy so I had to have Mark help me hang it!).  And then it was delivered to Bekah today and she loves it!  And I think it will be a long time before I make another one this size - whew!
 The 'Bekah' panel!
 One of the horses.
 Side view.
I used a double wide backing - I didn't want to piece the back!  I had originally had grand plans of using the panel fabric but then decided that was too much effort!  I'm so glad it is done,  And a big thanks to my Mom - would have taken me forever to do it on my own!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Ornaments 2014

 2014 is a bit of a sad year.  Mark and Allison ganged up on me and decided we didn't need a real Christmas tree!  I couldn't believe Allison sided with Mark!  But now that we're a third of the way into December I see some wisdom in the concept.  The girls still got new PJs & ornaments this year.  I found these fun rolled paper ornaments at our local garden shop.  The girls hung them on our small trees last night with the Jesse Tree ornaments.  They thought it was plenty exciting.

Aaaaaaannnnnnddddd of course I had to get a Hallmark musical ornament.  This one plays 'Silent Night.'  The girls fight over it.  Good thing there is a 'Happy Birthday' one from last year, too!

Gingerbread Houses

 We have an annual tradition of doing gingerbread houses with Allison's friend Annie.  This year after our Halloween party we had so much fun we decided to reserve our church's 'Brown House' and have a gingerbread house party with more friends.  It was a lot of fun, the kids had a great time and we all got to enjoy some fun food.  Mark played a few songs for everyone and we called it an evening.  A very fun evening!

 Madeleine wore Allison's Gingerbread House t-shirt from a few years ago!
 The big girls all did some twirly dancing during the music.  Heidi sat by Mark and just bounced away.

 We tried pretty hard to get a picture of all the kiddos.  It didn't go so well - we're missing 4 or 5 in this pic - and those that are in it are a little crazy!  But that is how we know it was a good party, right?!?!?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas Dresses

 When it comes to dressing my girls Christmas is my favorite time of year!  I've been waiting for a year for these two to wear these dresses!  Allison's is a hand-me-down from Bekah (she also wore it a bit last year).  She loves it, it is nice and shimmery with a good bit of twirl to it.  I found Heidi's on clearance to sort-of match last year after Christmas.  She actually liked wearing hers, too.  Especially with the fancy tights.  Just wish she would have looked at the camera!

Finished in 2014 No. 7

 I had fabric left-over from my first quilt of 2014 and I made it up into half-square triangles.  I then used half of those and put this lap quilt together.  I really like how it turned out...and now it is off to a friend in Colorado who really liked the fabric line when I posted the original quilt on Facebook....proof that it really does pay off to comment on Facebook.  That and she has 4 kiddos - all born before I had my good sewing machine - so none of them got baby quilts from me!